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YTAK aka Katy Watts is an Artist from Cheltenham. She is self-taught, but went to art school briefly. She creates colourful and bright art, and is always producing work. She learnt from pouring over art books, her favourite Artists being Picasso and Jean-Michel Basquiat. She loves using bright colours and loves drawing. She recently has a like for print-making, producing a large amount of lino-blocks this year alone. She is always producing work and constantly strives to do better. It is her hope that through her work she can help people. When Katy was younger she liked to draw a lot, these drawings are still kept by her Mother. Katy’s Mother took her to the library every weekend, and a love for learning was developed. Katy liked art at school and remembers a particular year when she was given a sketchbook. Katy went to college, but left after a short time, preferring to teach herself form books. She was given a Picasso book from a family member, and learnt about artists like Da Vinci from anatomy books. As a teenager she learnt about Andy Warhol and screen-printing, and taught herself how to do this. Katy then discovered artists like Keith Haring, and wanted to develop a line like his. Then, she learnt about Jean-Michel Basquiat’s work and went to see his work at the Barbican in London for her 30th birthday. She had never seen his work before, and was awe strucken. She loves all these Artists’ work, and wants to be like them. It is her great hope that she can one day make a living from her work, but ultimately that her work benefits society and that she helps people. YTAK.

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