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So, I've had a busy day today, which is good. The more time you have on your hands the more time you have to think, and thinking too much is bad. Sometimes its good and you can come up with creative ideas, but for me, (most of the time) it leads to uncontrollable thoughts and anxiety, and I don't need that in my life.

Anyway, I have been working on my big canvas today. I'm about a 1/6 of the way through it. Its exciting to work on something on such a large scale again. I'll need to do more big paintings. A metre by a metre really isn't that big. I'd still like to go bigger!!!

Here it is...

I tried out the stream of consciousness idea that I posted about yesterday. It didn't turn out very good. The drawing looked liked a mind map. Something that you would draw in a secondary school or something. Really basic. And I didn't like it. It didn't look artistic enough, there weren't enough pictures. One artist that does these types of drawings well is David Shillinglaw. He's a really good artist, and I enjoy looking at his work. I bought one of his zines and it arrived today. It was so inspiring. His drawings are so great and have such a nice quality to them. I'll have to get some more inspiration and come up with some more ideas.

Anyway, better go now.

See you later.

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