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I seem to have gotten something like inspiration or my ideas back. I mean I feel like I've got 'me' back. Omg its so great. I haven't been able to paint like this for years. Its just freedom and so free when I paint. I can feel it again. I feel like my work is meaningful to me again and not something that I should be expected to do. YAY!!!!!

I especially like the fact that I don't feel like drawing buildings anymore. I find that so boring and uninspiring. Most of them look the same and they are buildings, theres no interaction. Or anything inspiring that you take away from it. I still have to finish my big canvas and really don't want to. But I suppose I have to, since I told the gallery I would. Crap!!

Anyway, I was painting so much yesterday with spraypaint and wasn't wearing a mask and it hurt my chest. this has happened before. I need to be more careful, from now on I"m spraying it outside. It took ages for the smell to go anyway.


I'm getting out and about more now, I still get confused but try not to let it bother me. Its not worth it. Anyway, overall I'm feeling better, painting makes me feel content. I just wish I could get my pictures to a wider audience, I suppose I will once I get my work in the gallery. I should stop complaining really.

Although, sometimes I have alot to complain about and its completely justified.

Anyway, I can't think of anything else to write, so I'm going to go now.

Here is a picture that I painted and quite like.

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