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Animal products

I was just on instagram and came across Conor Mcgregor, the mma fighter wearing a mink coat. I like Conor and his attitude. I think he got to where he is because of his outlook on life, and I admire this. He's so confident that it underpins his life. He's successful for a reason. But the fact that he chooses to wear a mink coat is pretty disgusting. After seeing this I went to youtube and looked at mink farming, its truly horrible,. Then to my horror I realised I had some sable brushes, about 3, that I bought years ago. I don't have them anymore. I thought to myself I already have these brushes I should honour the dead animal that provided me with them and use them, but something inside me just couldn't deal with painting a line with a dead animal's fur.

You don't need sable brushes to be a good artist, or a mink coat to prove that your 'the man'. Thats the god damn truth. I feel sick. I'm trying not to eat meat, but am still eating diary products.

My outlook on it is this, if you own something that came from a dead animal then honour the animal by keeping it. And make something out of what was probably a miserable existence. For some animals it must have been awful, but for others maybe they died when they were old and lived a fulfilling life. But I personally am going to try not to buy any wearable product or for my home that comes from an animal.

This debate could just go on forever. I don't know what to think about this anymore.

Its truly terrible how people think they can just do 'whatever they want'.

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