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Why is it that we live in a society that think its OK to eat animals? How seriously messed up is that? To think that people actually enjoy eating animal flesh? Don’t you think those animals actually enjoyed having the flesh on their bodies? Do you not think that they liked being alive? This whole situation is so very awful. I used to eat meat but I never really gave a thought to where it was coming from or more importantly how the individual felt, (and yes animals can and are individuals too). They do not want to die, and just like us they value their life. I can understand that at some point in history there was a need to eat meat but guess what not there isn’t anymore. We have evolved people!

I have a feeling that in the future people will look back and be truly ashamed that their ancestors once ate meat. And worse than that, actually bred animals so they could be slaughtered. How messed up is that? And if it wasn’t for the breeding of livestock the grain that we feed animals with could be used to feed humans who are living in times of famine. But instead we choose to give this to animals, ultimately so we can eat them. I think there is something wrong here.

And if you think about it, the diary and egg industry are equally as cruel because instead of putting the animals out of their misery, they are kept alive only to be exploited. In my book this is even more wrong. To constantly take from a living creature, their byproducts and secretions is sick. Then, when we’ve had enough of them we kill them. And its so unfair because these animals did not have the option of opting out or of not being used in this way. They were born into it, a life of servitude and pain, and for what a temporary pleasure on our tastebuds?

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