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I’m back posting..

So, I haven't been on here for a while. I was going through a lot, but am better now. Well, kind of better. I was going through hell. But, what do they say about that, 'when you're through hell, keep going', - so I did. And I'm better now! Yay! Anyway, I feel like I'm better. I (actually) feel like (for once) things may get better. I don't know why I feel like this. But, I do! I actually feel like my life may 'actually' get better. Yay! Maybe things will. I feel (anyway) that I'm better able to deal with life 'now'. But bullshit over, let's talk...

So! I've been doing alot of printing lately. I was given a (to me) large amount of money from PIP, (personal independence payment). Nearly 3 grand. And I spent it all. It was rather fun. I bought a printing press. And other stuff. Im still figuring out how to use the printing press, it's an art to master. I'll say that. It's actually completely hard to master. I thought you just put it though a roller. But, no I was wrong. You don't just put it through a roller, you have to set the right pressure, put it through a roller and if you're printing on copper, you have wet paper, and have to allocate the right timing to get a decent print. It's really very hard. I never thought it would be hard. It looks easy.

Anyway, I have been doing a bit of artwork, but not much. I want to engrave some new plates (copperplate). But, haven't been doing much painting, which I miss immensely. I find this rather depressing. I, on another note, bought a new tablet, called a 'remarkable 2' - it has a white screen. It's completely amazing. I bought it to do my scientific research on. I hope to help many. (In a lame kind of way). I'm sure I will! Haha. What can I say! I'm a Genius! Hahaha.

It's so easy for me, but that's really not the point. I can understand concepts and ideas, especially scientific ideas so easily, it's to most people, seemingly superhuman. If I wanted to, I could solve a disease a week. I mean a disease, every week, for a year. I could study intensively and solve a disease a week. It's that 'easy' for me. I sometimes think and wonder why everyone else doesn't do this. Either I have a seemingly, superhuman ability, or high IQ or everyone else is less in intelligence. I can't understand why people don't have the same ability. If I can solve a disease then surely someone else can.

I thought also, about applying to the Cheltenham Paint Festival. It's a street art festival that my friends paint at. I hope if I applied, I'd get a big wall.

Well, that's it for now. I love my life.

Talk soon,



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