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Okay day.

So, today I have been out with Mother - in the car. I get up fairly late and go out with Mum. We go to a shop, get something to drink and eat, and go for a drive, which calms me down immensely. The road we drive down calms me down and helps me to think and relax. It makes me feel happy. When I got back I had something to eat, watched some videos and have done some printing. I firstly printed a Lino-block that I printed yesterday, but in a different colour - in green. It came out okay, actually I'm quite proud of it to be honest. Then I printed some copperplates on the spur of the moment, all depicting Christ. I printed them with charcoal and wet paper on my press. The normal technique is to print with ink and we paper. But, mine never come out right, so I mostly

with copperplate (well, used to) and print with charcoal.

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